Peter Buczkowski

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Medium Machine

The Medium Machine enables to transfer data and information in the form of muscle contractions into the unconscious mind of a human.

While using the Medium Machine, it is repeatedly contracting the connected muscles of the user with electrical current. The contractions force the index finger to twitch and press a button in the exact cadence of the signal. It is all executed in an endless loop. The signal is an encoded on and off version of the desired data.

Enough time and repetition of a certain movement can lead to muscle memory. The learned information can then be transported and repeated without being connected to the device anymore.

The information can be anything. A seemingly uncoordinated twitching finger could be a song when placed on a piano or the right pin number when placed over an input panel of a cash dispenser. Until the signal is not decoded, even the carrier is clueless about its meaning.

The human becomes a medium and a messenger between systems.