Peter Buczkowski

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Mogli is a social network for temporary short distance communication.
User communicate within the application through messages. Those are grouped in so called "packs" and are limited in their temporal and geographical appearance.

The concept of the application is inspired by the way wolves communicate in nature.
They howl and use this simple method for different situations. The search for a partner, as a warning for strangers, as a symbol of affinity are just some examples. It is a simple and temporary, but effective way of communication.

Different from other popular social networks, limitation is the leitmotiv.
It begins with the profile, which is liquid and limited to two features. One can chose between four given avatars and define any username. Both features can be changed dynamically and as often as wished or needed.
The essence are the messages. One can write messages correlated to the name of available packs or create new packs. After a pack is created, everybody within a radius of 100 meters has the option to post messages inside of it.
100 meters is a distance that affects users digitally and physically in a similar way.
If a pack is frequently filled with new messages, it will climb up in the order. Others will drop down and be deleted forever after a timespan of ten minutes without receiving new messages.
If there is no pack visible, the map can be used to actively move into an area where probably something is happening.

Asking your neighborhood for some tools, or start a revolution, without fearing consequences from the system you want to overthrow, are just two of countless ways Mogli can be used for.

In times of permanent data storage and countless features of todays social networks, Mogli shows how limitation makes new ways of digital communication possible.