Peter Buczkowski

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Smells Like

Temporary spaces can open through different events. Some of them affect a mass of people at the same time such as a natural or social disaster. Others can be be personal. One can experience them through memories or the stimulation of one explicit sense. Afterwards those people go back into their basic space, which is considered as the normal and the present.

In this project I wanted to focus on the sense of smell and how to actively enter a temporary space.
Scents are more than other stimuli connected to memories. At the same time, smelling is the most intangible off all senses. Unlike hearing or seeing, one can't imagine a scent. You can only describe different smells by comparing them to a situation, a place or a memory. It is impossible to name them as easily as a color.

Music for example can be used to enter a temporary space on purpose. One can select a specific songs that is connected to a desired mood.
smells like gives us the opportunity to replicate this behavior, except a different sense is stimulated.
Because scents are very personal, it was important for me, to have the possibility to create them by yourself. The pressed pills can consist of anything in your surrounding. Like in a music piece, one can add layers, to create transitions between different scents.
To experience it, one needs to put on the mask and insert one of your pills into the grater. While spinning the turning knob, parts of the pill are grated and release the wished scent into the mask.

With smells like it is possible to actively remember e.g. the the first date with your partner, or your last summer vacation.